We've already lost the election. What is Swing the State doing now? »

The fight against President Bush and the ultra-conservative agenda is far from over. Swing the State has developed a two-pronged plan of attack.

First, Swing the State has partnered with affiliates who are actively fighting the right-wing. If you're worried about the Supreme Court, interested in protecting a woman's right to choose, or concerned about attacks on the environment, StS can match you will an affiliate who needs your help.
Second, Swing the State is looking toward 2006, when we'll help the Democrats take back Congress.

Still itchin' for a fight?! »

We need you now more than ever. Register yourself with StS and we'll get you plugged in with concrete , innovative projects building power for progressives!

Know a group or person that did great work in '04? »

Tell us about them and help us build a smart, sustained movement that keeps the momentum of '04 going!

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What do you want to work on? What issues interest you? Help us set the course for Swing the State!

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Link up with other progressives , and carve out your own community at the StS discussion board / blog.

What is Swing the State?  

Swing the State is a fast, easy service for busy people who want a more progressive America.

Swing the State started in January, 2004 as an anti-Bush travel agency and channeled more than 20,000 volunteer hours into the movement to beat Bush. We coordinated 1,100 work breaks for progressive volunteers to help groups like ACT, ACORN, and Kerry '04 register and turn out progressive voters.

Now, StS is expanding the fight against the right wing, and keeping the progressive ground game strong.

Become a Swing the State member for:

* StS's Progressive Volunteer Force ( coming soon )

Want to fight back against the right wing machine, but too busy to make a major time commitment?

Sign up with StSí Progressive Volunteer Force, tell us what matters to you, and donate the time you have available. We'll set you up with a great local organization working to advance the progressive agenda, in a time that fits with your schedule.

* Fun, meaningful social events

Swing the State regularly organizes a variety of fun, social events for progressives to meet, work, and play together.

Past Events:
"Rock Your Refund"
"Summer Softball Showdown"

Upcoming Events:

"Swing the Straights": StSís Celebrity Poker Night
"Sing the State": StSís Karaoke Night

* Comprehensive online clearinghouses and e-activism guides

Passionate about protecting choice, the war in Iraq, or another political issue, but having a hard time keeping up with all the different action items? StS offers online "1-stop shopping", so you can see listings of all the petitions, call-in campaigns, etc. that affect your issue.

Current clearinghouses:
"Countdown to the Nuclear Option" ( focusing on saving the filibuster)
"The War Resource Center" ( focusing on the War in Iraq )

Upcoming clearinghouses:
"The Voter Confidence Resource Center" ( focusing on Electoral Reform )
"The Media Reform Resource Center " ( focusing on Media Reform )


Who is Swing the State?  

New York:


Sharif Corinaldi, National Coordinator
Forever an obsessed anti-Bushie, Sharif now spends his time plotting and scheming ways to keep Swing the State at it's best.


Debra Cleaver, Outreach Coordinator
A private investigator in her spare time, Debra's mutant power is the ability to motivate anyone to do anything.


Emily Farris, National Coordinator
An apathetic non-voter turned political organizer, "Booboo" likes to write magazine articles , ride her bike, drink coffee, sing karaoke and eat tofu pad thai. And she's working on that six-year undergrad plan at the New School.


Lisa Trub, Merchandising
A one woman t-shirt factory, Lisa has managed to balance her duties with StS with a developing career in real estate.


Elizabeth Parks, Campaign Coordinator
A longtime StS volunteer turned core member, Liz is the most punctual person in StS-NYC.


Tom Riccobono, Campaign Coordinator/Math-Whiz
StS-NYC's only teacher on staff, Tom's been able to survey the damage of "No Child Left Behind" first hand.


Sam Apple, Advertising
A genius at "spreading the word", Sam is biding his time with StS until his newest invention, the "bath suit", hits the mass market.


Ira Meistrich, Media
A producer and long-time veteran of television industry, Ira spends his days preparing for StS's upcoming domination of the airwaves.
San Francisco:


Beth Lemon, West Coast Coordinator
Beth is a student, worker-bee, co-chief of StS-SF, and possibly the hardest working person alive.( with apologies to James Brown. )


Duncan Ley, West Coast Coordinator
Duncan's primary assets, his charismatic good looks and tactical smarts have been set to work developing StS-SF into a force to be reckoned with.


Steven Day, Campaign Coordinator
A welcome addition to the team, Steven liked volunteering Fall '04 with other Sts-ers so much that he's working feverishly now to help develop StS's western division, looking forward to StS 'heartland' too!



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